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Seattle Area Forecast
NWS Tabular Forecast Seattle
NWS - Camano Island
NWS - Langley Hill (Coast)
UW NW Radar Composite
NWS - National Radar Composite
SPU - Seattle Rainwatch

NWS National Maps
QPF (Precip Quantity) maps for 5 days
QPF Map 3 day / 6 hour loop (uses Java)
Pressure and Front Map 7 day loop (uses Java)
Note map times are UTC, subtract 7hr for PDT, 8hr for PST.

River Flooding
KC PDA version - Compact Table
KC Map Version - Click on Basin
KC Flood Alert Emails
NWS Northwest River Forecast Center

Green River - Howard Hanson Dam Data
NWS Green River at Auburn Forecast
Army Corps Green River at Auburn Data
USGS Green River at Auburn Data
King County Green River at Auburn Info
Army Corps Howard Hanson Dam Data
Army Corps Howard Hanson Dam Tailwater Data
Army Corps Howard Hanson Dam Reference Info
USGS Howard Hanson Dam Data
USGS Howard Hanson Dam Tailwater Data

Landslide Hazard
USGS Landslide Hazard

Seattle Area Traffic
WSDOT Seattle Area Traffic
UW I-5 Weather Conditions
SDOT Seattle Traffic Info/Camera Map
KCDOT King County Traffic Info/Camera Map
Redmond Traffic Camera Map
Bellevue Traffic Info/Camera Map

I-90 Snoqualmie Pass to East
WSDOT Snoqualmie Pass
UW I-90 Weather Conditions
NWAC Mountain Weather Forecast
NWAC Snoqualmie Pass Avalance Forecast
NWAC Avalanche Forecast Map
WSDOT West Slope Cascades Forecast
WSDOT East Slope Cascades Forecast
NWS 7 Day Forecast Snoqualmie Pass
NWS 7 Day Forecast Cle Elum
NWS Experimental Tabular Forecast Snoqualmie Pass
NWS Experimental Tabular Forecast Cle Elum

Fires, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Etc.
Pacific NW Wildfire Map
Pacific NW Seismic Network Earthquakes Map
Pacific NW Seismic Network Seismometers Graphs (old interface)
Pacific NW Seismic Network Seismometers Map/Graphs (beta interface)
NOAA West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
WCATWC Tsunami Emails
USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory Current Update
USGS US Volcanoes Alerts
USGS All US Volcanoes Status by Map
EPA Radiation Monitoring Info
EPA only monitors radiation in real time if there is a nuclear disaster.
A link to data should be provided from the above site.
IAEA Nuclear Info

El Nino/La Nina Current Conditions/Expected Impacts
Seattle Typical Annual Climate Graphs
UW Climate Impact Group